Logistics sector upbeat about 2019

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — As the internet and infrastructure expand the people's access to goods and services, one of the country's top logistics companies talked about what to look forward to in 2019.

"In the next three to five years, the outlook is very good for us in the country," said said John Paul Queng, head of supply chain for 2GO Logistics in an interview with CNN Philippines' Business Roundup.

Queng said that with the government ramping up infrastructure development, it becomes easier for logistics companies to ship goods.

"The outlook is very good also because a lot of Filipinos, the middle class, are actually increasing. That means that they have more power to buy things," Queng added.

With the promise of more development outside of Metro Manila, logistics companies have found it easier to reach out to more regions in the archipelago.

"The flow of goods is everywhere now, in the Visayas as well as the Mindanao area," Queng said.

While the challenges of typhoons and sea travel still persist, Queng believes that with the right infrastructure and with a growing middle class, the logistics sector can reach great heights.

Optimistic on this boom in the logistics sector, Queng and the 2GO team hopes that more Filipinos will be up and #READY2GO about improving their daily lives with more access to goods and services.