23 films to celebrate Cine Europa’s 18th year

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) – Now in its 18th year, Cine Europa is bringing another round of groundbreaking and heartwarming films at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza from September 10 to 20.

This year’s “Coming of Age” theme is sure to bring the audiences back to their childhood — the time of discovering one’s self, meeting true friends, building strong relationships with families, and finding true love.

The festival will showcase 23 movies from different European countries that show their culture and traditions.

Here is the list of the films that will truly tickle our hearts:

Austria’s Rise Up! And Dance tells the story of a boy and a girl who shared their passion in ballet and breakdancing.

In Faith, Love, and Whiskey (Bulgaria), a newly-engaged woman in America panics and goes back to Bulgaria where she rediscovers her wild past together with her drifter friends. In the process, she falls in love with her alcoholic best friend but must make a choice when her fiancé arrives unexpectedly.

Germany brings The Legend of Paul and Paula, an uneasy love story of a couple who goes through confusions — divorce, sorrow, and betrayal.

Rom-com movie Suck Me Shakespeer, which is another entry from Germany, is about an ex-con who passes himself as a substitute teacher in the school that sits atop the stolen cash his girlfriend buried for him. While secretly digging for his loot, the teacher Zeki brings unruly kids of a class back on track with his drastic yet effective methods that gain the attention of his prim and proper fellow teacher, Lisi.

Norway’s chick flick, Totally True Love, tells a story of a 9-year-old girl who fights for the affections of a new boy in her class against the prettiest in school.

Czech Republic brings Little Baby Jesus, a hilarious and popular movie that shows the miracle of Prague’s famous infant Jesus.

Belgium’s Puppy Love is about a 14-year-old girl who turned her life upside down after meeting another girl who happens to be adventurous and liberated.

Another film from Belgium, Gilles, is about a boy who dreams of playing in his favorite football team, but faces difficulty in fulfilling his dreams when his personal coach and supporter, his father, dies.

Ovosodo from Italy tackles finding one’s place in life as it follows Piero, a shy boy from a working-class neighborhood.

An exploration of a boy and his grandfather’s relationship drives the story of 15 Years and One Day (Spain), when a troublesome teenager is sent by his mom to his grandfather, a retired soldier.

In Ginger and Cinnamon, aunt and niece Stefania and Meggy learn about love and family as they go on holiday in a Greek resort when they stumble upon an unexpected person.

The Corpse Must Die from Slovakia gives a peek into the different ways of love. It’s a story of a husband and wife teachers whose actions towards a nymphomaniac student and a cheeky stranger begin a series of crazy events.

France’s La Belle Vie (France) tells the tale of brothers Sylvain and Pierre, who are road-weary and want to take advantage of the perks of young adulthood.

Denmark unveils a new superhero in the person of Antboy, a 12-year-old named Pelle who gets bitten by an ant and develops superpowers.

Finn (The Netherlands) will teach you to follow what your heart says. It is about a boy who pursues his passion for music despite his dad wishing him to play football.

Comedy film Silent Wedding (Romania) is full of twists and turns when a fine mime production ensues after a wedding ceremony gets interrupted in the wake of Joseph Stalin’s Switzerland has Keep Rollin’, a story about a daredevil turned paraplegic Valentin who enrolls in an experimental theater workshop and discovers the unique qualities of his mentally disabled yet talented co-members.

Naked Harbour from Finland tells the story of eight different people who are all seeking love and approval at any cost.

Multi-plot drama Stockholm Stories (Sweden) is a contemporary and humorous take on the lives of five people whose paths intersect during a few rainy days in November.

United Kingdom‘s Pride takes moviegoers through the lives of the National Union of Mineworkers and the LGBT activists.

Miasto 44 from Poland is a story about love and friendships made during the Warsaw Uprising, while IDA (Poland) reveal a young nun’s discovery of a dark family secret that dates back to the Nazi occupation.

Romania’s Live unravels the struggles of a successful TV anchor Ema in the middle of a big scandal.

CNN Philippines' intern Iana dela Cruz contributed to this report.