8 apps made by Pinoys

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From home care to travel and delivery services, here are 8 notable apps made by Pinoys. Illustration by JL JAVIER

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — The Mobile Ecosystem Forum reports that the Philippines is the third largest smartphone market in Southeast Asia and we are the fastest growing app market in the region. For any Filipino in the tech business, it would be useful to know that this is the prime time for us to take advantage of the country’s increased internet usage.

In a 2018 research by Hootsuite in collaboration with We Are Social, 63 percent of Filipinos use the internet, as opposed to last year's research showing 58 percent. The same research also shows that the Philippines even topped the list of most time spent on the internet, with people using their mobile devices increasing in large percentages per year. 

Technology and innovation are always works in progress, so help make these apps become better by putting them to the test and leaving reviews for their creators to go through and hopefully, use for improvement.

From home care to travel and delivery services, below are 8 notable apps made by Pinoys.

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A group of siblings came up with Aide as an answer to home care needs. Through this app, you can book qualified medical professionals to see you in the comfort of your own home. They offer medical care, nursing care, physical therapy, diagnostics and even animal care. They have straightforward pricing and service rating so that every use can lead to a better experience. Some examples of their services include diabetes workup, acupuncture, and comprehensive breast exam.

The app is available for download at App Store and Google Play.

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When you’re living in one of the busiest and most traffic congested cities, you’ll need more than a prayer and lead time of an hour to get from one place to the next. Sakay.ph makes it easier for commuters to find public transport routes for jeepneys, buses, and trains here in Metro Manila. Best, if your phone battery is about to die out, you can save the route directions and turn off your data to conserve power.  

The app is available for download at App Store and Google Play

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Mober is a play on the local pronunciation of the word ‘mover’ and is intended for those who need to move items in bulk. Whether it’s for your individual or business needs, you can use the app for loading bulky home appliances, furniture, and items for your stores.

You can book the appropriate vehicle with just a few taps if you need a van, a truck for full freight services, and even a smaller vehicle to shuttle your pet to the vet or anywhere else safely. Mober offers GPS tracking and cargo insurance for fragile items and provides 24/7 customer support.

The app is available for download at App Store and Google Play.

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Find out what events people are going to, and be in the know about interesting workshops or music festivals coming up through this app.

You can connect with your friends in PlanStan and conveniently organize all your upcoming and potential goings on with a few simple taps. If you’re familiar with TimeOut, it has the same feel of updating you about nearby happenings. You can also create your own events, from small occasions to big get-togethers.

The app is available for download at Google Play

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For budding entrepreneurs and those who work from home, Kinvo helps you make secure payments for your customers. Whether you have items in Carousell or Shoppee, and use Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Whatsapp, etc., you can easily create an invoice and send it via different social media and marketplace platforms, and then get paid.

The built-in secure payment channels lets your customers pay conveniently: they can deposit in their preferred bank or pay over-the-counter (LBC or SM), use Paypal, or sign in as a guest if they’d like to use their credit card. All you’ll have to wait for is the notification that you’ve been paid.

The app is available for download at Google Play.

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SeriousMD is geared towards doctors and enjoys a 4.9 rating on the App Store. It is a multi-function app that helps doctors organise their patients’ comprehensive records and lets them email, share and even print the records.

It also incorporates a calendar that allows you to view your appointments by day, week, or month. Doctors can tailor it to receive SMS reminders for upcoming procedures with info on the patients they will be attending to. Docs can also be on top of billings by jotting in billing and collection information, and even reimbursements from HMOs, so that they never lose track of their finances. Plus, doctors can share these with your assistant to help with the load.

The app is available for download at App Store.

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Bliimo helps you book, plan your itinerary, and customize your adventures around the Philippines. You can also create a bucket list you which can tick off as you travel on. It was created to help make travelling locally hassle-free, with all the information you need from flight tickets, time, date, and location information in one platform.

Bliimo works well if you and your travel buddies all connect via the app so everyone has the same information as you do.

The app is available for download at App Store and Google Play

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Designed by a Filipina based in Australia, Canva has become a big brand for creatives. It has abundant resources for anyone interested in creating designs and documents. Its features let creatives make professional-looking layouts and consistently stunning graphics for different platforms.

Initially a marketplace and a sign-up website, Canva has expanded as an app, but you’ll need to enter your mobile number to receive access to the download link. This app features a collection of more than a million images from stock photographs to vectors and illustrations, as well as hundreds of fonts and free elements, like icons and shapes, for your designs.

The app is available for download at the Canva website.


Update: This article was updated to include the 2018 Hootsuite research on internet and social media usage.