Pill lets you get buzzed minus the hangover

(CNN Philippines) – Most of you know this scenario all too well: You go out for drinks on a weeknight to unwind after a stressful day. You get a little too tipsy even if you know you have an early meeting with the boss tomorrow morning. You wake up with a terrible hangover. You question your capability to make sound life decisions.

But thanks to a new wonder drug, it may soon be possible to get the tipsy feeling minus the bitter taste of alcohol and side effects of a hangover and other health problems.

The Alcosynth pill was created by Professor David Nutt, a former chief drug advisor to the government of the United Kingdom.

Alcosynth has been classified as a benzodiazepine, commonly known for treating anxiety and insomnia. Professor Nutt claims it is not addictive and won't cause withdrawal symptoms.

Aside from Alcosynth, Professor Nutt also created Chaperone, a drug that would reduce the effects of alcohol.

If you drink alcohol and take the pill with it, it is impossible to get drunk. There is also an option to take the pill as a "sober-up drug" after a long night of drinking to help reduce drunk-driving accidents.