Making sense of online booking

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — You never thought you'd see the day, but you're finally off for the holidays.

You're thinking: chilling in Baguio while eating juicy strawberries. Or maybe lazing around Palawan's gorgeous beaches. Or why not go abroad and see new places, eat different food and meet all sorts of people?

But alas! You were so busy with school or work that you weren't able to book anything ahead. Are holiday "staycations" even Instagram-worthy?

Well don't fret. Online booking company Traveloka shows you why online travel agencies (OTAs) can satisfy your wanderlust anytime, anywhere.

1. They're ridiculously easy to use.

Even in the Internet age, setting up a trip can be quite a chore.

If you're going abroad, you would have to scour the websites of numerous airlines to find available flights. And even if you typed "hotels in Tagaytay" in your favorite search engine, the list of websites would be so long that you'd have to defer your holiday to the next century just to find the right place for you.


But with OTAs like Traveloka, there’s no stress and no fuss. Just download the app, put in where you want to go and let it do the work. Plus, the app even gives you access to exclusive deals. And even if you’re not the type who downloads apps for booking, Traveloka makes it easy with their website. It only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes.

Want to go to Cebu tomorrow? Just put in when you're going and what seat class you want and Traveloka will give you a list of flights (along with prices) with its partner air carriers. And it's just as easy when you're searching for accommodations.

2. You get instant access to the best deals.

Another benefit of OTAs is that they give you updates to the best promos.

With Traveloka, all promo fares and accommodations are clearly marked with prices as is-where is, meaning you don't get shocked by nasty hidden charges. And with Traveloka Quick, you can book your trip instantly and pay securely online.


And if you have jitters about paying online, Traveloka is partners with reputable payment facilities like Visa, MasterCard and Dragonpay, as well as major banks like BPI, Metrobank, Chinabank and Landbank. You can also pay via 7-Eleven and BDO (via So even if you don’t have a credit card, you won’t have to worry about where to pay.


3. They can even be travel buddies.

In principle, OTAs work to make your travel plans easier. But Traveloka takes things further by acting as your electronic concierge.


Traveloka's Flight Reminder makes sure that you don't miss a flight. Just make sure you turn on the push notifications on the app. And if you have to suddenly reschedule your trip, Traveloka Easy Reschedule can help you make the necessary arrangements.


And Traveloka's assistance doesn't stop the moment you buy your plane ticket. If you find yourself lost in the middle of a foreign city, and the locals barely speak English, the Traveloka app can assist you as it can switch through different languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and Vietnamese.

To find out more about Traveloka, check out their website