How to beat stress, feel fresh after a long day

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) -- Heads up, people — the holiday season is over and we’re back to our daily grind.

The new year marks plenty of beginnings — and of course, more responsibilities. Our schedules fill up by the minute: from preparing the first major presentation of the year to convince that client to say "Yes, okay na," to putting your foot in the door for that much-awaited promotion.

By the end of the day, all you want to do is take that huge weight of stress of your shoulders. But the lengthy to-do list at work can be compounded by the traffic that saps what’s left of our energy.

Working can wear you out, but you can always take the stress out of work. Make your life a little easier by doing a few of these life hacks to kickstart your year.

1. Go to the gym

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Sounds counter-intuitive? Fret not. According to the World Health Organization, exercising is fundamental in maintaining energy balance and avoiding energy wastage. You feel more energized after working out, than just lounging about in your office chair.

2. Order online

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The internet is a portal to many things, including stores. Online shops have plenty of options to choose from for just about anything you need or crave for. Order ahead of time and have them send it to your office! Instead of spending on gas and wasting time queuing, you simply pay for the delivery charge and wait.

3. When in traffic, play some music

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Crank up the volume of your favorite jam, or listen to an audio book about something you've been meaning to learn. The American Psychological Association says music improves the body's immune system, as well as lowers stress.

Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road so that you avoid getting into an accident, which can compound your problems.

4. Use ride-sharing services

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If you're a commuter, save yourself the drive by using ride-sharing or carpool services. Traffic on EDSA and other main roads can seriously kill our chill, but if your hands are off the wheel, you have time to relax. Maybe you can even squeeze in a bit of work or answer some emails.

5. Take time to chill with friends

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Nothing is more refreshing than to end your day on a high note by hanging out with your barkada. Block off an evening to reap your rewards. You deserve a congratulatory tap on the back for getting things done.

And what better way to have a nightcap than to take a fresh swig of San Miguel Super Dry?

San Miguel Super Dry  

San Miguel Super Dry is a premium beer that brings you smoothness with every sip. It is made from the choicest aroma hops brewed longer to leave a crisp, dry finish, and you're guaranteed freshness in every bottle.

Don't let the daily stress result in negative vibe. Relax and take it slow — you’ll get back into your mojo in no time.

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