The process of moving on in the digital age

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — As the saying goes, all things, however good, must come to an end.

Unfortunately, this also applies to fractured romantic relationships that eventually lead to painful heartbreaks.

“Just move on,” your best friend might tell you, but how do you do it? Moving on from a romantic relationship, however hard you try, has become more difficult these days.

With just a few taps and swipes on your smartphone, immediately your ex’s contact details comes to view. A few more presses and you see their new Facebook posts, their Instagram feed, or their tweets.

Going for a quick sound trip on Spotify may then bring back memories of happy times you shared.

Good thing, technology has given you the power to delete or hide many of these memories, however sweet or bitter, from your social media accounts. You can also mute, ignore, or block your former significant other’s account so they can’t bother you anymore, intentionally or not.

However, there’s the stigma of projected “bitterness” that comes along with scrubbing your social media accounts clean of your past relationships.

This is where technology becomes detrimental to the emotional aspect of a relationship. Having an online presence means that content, whether you like it or not, may be forced on you based on your activities and mutual relationships.

It gets harder if you share the same circle of friends, as he or she might suddenly show up in a tagged photo of that event you missed.

Luckily, you are not alone.

Those looking for someone to fill in the void use technology to their advantage, going on dating apps and sites to look for a potential new partner. Proceed with caution though, as these platforms pose their own pros and cons.

This just shows how digital platforms could be both beneficial and unfavorable for moving on from relationships. How you handle those pesky feelings your way is entirely up to you.

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