Is your liver in trouble?

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 12) — Liver cancer is the third most predominant cancer in the Philippines, according to the Department of Health (DOH). In 2014, liver cancer claimed the lives of 20 Filipinos a day, a number seen by DOH to double by 2030.

In fact, the liver can be considered as the most important organ when it comes to metabolism and nutrition. The Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical center, says it performs over 500 functions essential for life. Among others, our liver stores vitamins, energy and minerals, releasing them in the blood regularly. It also helps in resisting infections by producing immune factors and removing bacteria from the blood. The liver also detoxifies by metabolizing and expelling drugs, alcohol and other toxins from our system.

Detecting liver problems is hard to begin with because it often has no symptoms. Most of the time, one would only discover he has fatty liver after he is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, which have similar risk factors with fatty liver such as obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

Liver damage can be due to various diseases such as alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and viral hepatitis. These diseases can cause inflammation of the liver, and further lead to complications such as severe liver scarring or cirrhosis, liver failure and increased risk of liver cancer.

Liver cirrhosis can further progress to liver cancer, as previously mentioned, or worse, liver failure.

The good news is - if discovered early through diagnostic tests available like SGPT screening - fatty liver can be reversible. Health experts say that the first step to reduce chances of developing liver problems is leading a healthy and active lifestyle. According to the Hepatology Society of the Philippines, weight loss through a healthy diet and exercise coupled with good control of sugar and cholesterol levels can prevent the progression of fatty liver. Of course, you need to skip the happy hour and stop drinking booze because too much alcohol can also abuse the largest organ inside the body.

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