How to plan your barkada road trips

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) Traveling refreshes the mind and stimulates our creativity. And what better way to step out of the toxic workplace than taking a trip with our barkada. Here are some tips on planning your getaway with close friends.

1. Make sure everyone is available.

Filipinos have coined the term "drawing" because of travel plans that never materialize or only stay on paper. Months before, get a consensus on common dates so that work leaves or domestic arrangements can be properly filed and coordinated. Don't take it as a personal affront if someone has to prioritize work or family as everyone has a different circumstance in life. 

2. Prepare a barkada playlist.

While on the road, play tunes that hit home. It would be good to have some tunes that everyone can relate to. Those in their 30s would probably enjoy Britney Spears and Westlife music. You may cringe at the memory you sang Spice Girls songs back in high school but these are delightful conversation starters. Besides, mostly everyone is game for some car karaoke.

3. Charge batteries on devices.

You may be on the extreme end of the millenial spectrum but it does not mean you cannot enjoy taking pictures and videos. Document your whole trip and do a vlog to immortalize these rare moments you get to hang out with your friends.

4. Make amends.

Things may not be entirely spectacular the last time you have been with an old friend. You could also be seeing a previous disagreement as "water under the bridge." Reach out if you are ready and take the trip as an opportunity to patch things up.

5. Make sure your car can carry everything you need.   

With all the stuff that you will bring for your roadtrip – bags, food and drinks, surfboard, bike, your pet dog or extra friends, make sure your SUV has the power to carry the load no matter how heavy it may get.  

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Now, you and your barkada are good to go. Drive safely and enjoy your trip with the people you love.

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