Survey: Customs tops list of most corrupt Philippine agencies

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(CNN Philippines) — In the Philippines, corruption exists in all levels of the government, especially among high-level civil servants, according to the US Department of State Investment Climate Statement released two years ago.

The Bureau of Customs, tops the list as the most corrupt government office in the country based on Social Weather Station (SWS) data released in 2014.

The results of the 2013 SWS Survey of Enterprises on Corruption showed that six government offices showed little improvement in their efforts to fight corruption.

The survey gave the bureau a "very bad" rating of -63 for 2013, which was a tad worse compared to the -46 “bad” rating the BOC received the year before.

The worst ratings the BOC got from the poll body were during 2005-2009, when it received an "Execrable" rating.

The other government offices rounding out the not-so-prestigious list are:

  • Land Transportation Office -32 in 2013 (-26 in 2012)
  • House of Representatives -28 in 2013 (-6 in 2012)
  • Philippine National Police -24 in 2013 (-12 in 2012)
  • Department of Public Works and Highways -22 in 2013 (-21 in 2012)
  • Bureau of Internal Revenue -10 in 2013 (-20 in 2012)


According to the SWS, the ratings of agencies' sincerity in fighting corruption were graded into Excellent (+70 and above), Very Good (net +50 to +69), Good (+30 to +49), Moderate (+10 to +29), Neutral (-9 to +9), Poor (-10 to -29), Bad (-30 to -49), Very Bad (-50 to -69), and Execrable (-70 and below).

Changes were considered "notable" when the rating moved in a different grade.

The SWS has yet to release a Survey of Enterprises on Corruption for 2014.