INC wants expelled Manalos out of church compound

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines)—“No trespassing.”

It's a sign posted at an Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) compound along Tandang Sora Avenue, Quezon City. And one that could be meant for the current tenants of the compound.

Angel Manalo and Lottie Manalo-Hemedez, siblings of INC executive Minister Eduardo Manalo, still live in the compound, despite their expulsion in July last year.

They were expelled along with their mother Tenny Manalo, after a video of Angel and Tenny saying their lives were in danger came out.

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Once expelled, INC members lose their privileges, like housing.

Half a year after the expulsion, it appears the INC leadership’s patience is running out. They want the expelled Manalos out especially after learning of allegedly suspicious activity going on inside the compound.

Namataan sa CCTV na sila’y nagpapapasok ng mga kahina-hinalang kalalakihan. Nakatakip ang mukha kahit dis-oras ng gabi. May bitbit na malalaking bag na sila lang ang nakakalam kung ano talaga ang laman,” INC spokesman Edwil Zabala told the media in a press conference on Thursday (January 14).

[Translation: "In CCTV footages, it can be seen that they allowed entry to unknown men, whose faces were covered in the wee hours of the night. They carry with them big bags, with contents known only to them."]

The church leadership also expressed alarm over items brought to the compound by Angel and Lottie’s people who refused to have them checked by security guards hired by the Central Office.

Itong mga nakamaskara na ito, wala silang karapatan na pumasok at manatili doon. Security threat sila hindi lamang doon sa mga naninirahan malapit doon. Sapagkat baka nakalilimutan ng marami, likuran iyan, kadugtong iyan ng Central Office ng Iglesia ni Cristo,” Zabala explained.

[Translation: This men wearing masks, they have no right to enter and stay in the premises of the compound. They are a security threat, not only to those who live there. That’s located at the back, which is connected to the Central Office of Iglesia ni Cristo.]

INC claimed Angel and Lottie had refused to pay their utility bills and were also hiding 24 INC-owned vehicles at the two-hectare compound.

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Who owns the property?

Expelled minister Jun Samson, the spokesman of Angel and Lottie, said the two are not going anywhere because as far as they’re concerned, Lottie owns the property.

In a phone interview also on Thursday, Samson said they would soon prove in court that the INC falsified documents to show that Lottie and her late husband Edward Hemedez sold the property to them.

Wala pang pasya ang hukuman tungkol sa kung sino ang may-ari ng property na yan. Wala pang pasya ang hukuman na umalis ang mga nakatira doon,” said Samson.

[Translation: The court has no decision yet on who really owns the property. The court has not decided yet if those who reside there should leave the premises. ]

Pineke ho talaga kaya magsasampa kami ng falsification case against the Land Registration Authority and the one who notarized the deed of sale kaya nairehistro.”

[Translation: The documents were tampered, that’s why we will file a falsification case against the Land Registration Authority and the one who notarized the deed of sale.]

Samson also said that the masked men in the photos were actually hired by INC to harass Angel, Lottie, their staff and the people who try to enter the premises.

Last September, the INC was able to get a court order demanding Angel and Lottie to provide a list of people staying with them at the compound. But according to the INC, the siblings did not complly.

The INC said that a final notice had been served earlier in the day for the expelled Manalos to leave in 15 days.  If not, the leadership said it would go to court to seek their eviction.