Duterte presents peso, dollar accounts

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — With just five days before the elections, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is determined to remove ideas on people's minds that he has ill-gotten or hidden wealth.

On Wednesday (May 4) at the Philippine Star office, Duterte presented records to the media of his peso and dollar accounts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI).

The peso account was the subject of the face-off at the BPI Julia Vargas branch last Monday (May 2).

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The bank told Duterte’s lawyer Salvador Panelo it needed at least seven days to issue the certification requested by the Duterte camp regarding the contents of that account.

Duterte showed reporters a certification from BPI showing that account just had a little more than P17,000 as of March 31, 2016, or three days after Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV claimed that deposits to that account totalled hundreds of millions of pesos.

The mayor, however, did not have a record of transactions that would show the movement of funds in that account from March 28 to March 31.

However his spokesman, Peter Laviña, pointed out that March 28, 2014 was a Friday, which implies that no withdrawals could have been made on the March 29-30 weekend.



Duterte's chief aide Bong Go said the balance in that peso account was untouched since the account was made public.

However, by May 3, the balance had ballooned to more than P128,000 care of the many people who made small deposits – to check its existence, like what administration bet Manuel "Mar" Roxas II did, and donations from supporters.

"Itong sinasabi ninyong corruption ng P2.4 billion, I will now accuse the Central Bank and the AMLC of criminal negligence. Bakit hindi niyo inimbestigahan niyan and it's dirty money? And they are very sure of it — Trillanes and Roxas," said Duterte.

[Translation: This corruption of P2.4 billion that you call, I will now accuse the Central Bank and the AMLC of criminal negligence. Why did you not investigate  and it's dirty money? And they are very sure of it — Trillanes and Roxas.]

"I challenge you and if not, I will file a case against you for criminal negligence."

Duterte also showed reporters a bank certification for his dollar account showing that as of March 2014, the account only had a little more than $5,000.

The amount, he claimed, remained practically untouched as well until Roxas' camp deposited $10 to verity its existence. Another $5 was also deposited by someone from Dipolog City.

Yung dineposito ni Mar (Roxas), wag mong tanggalin 'yan. Bibili ko 'yan ng kandila. If I'm not around anymore, kabaong niya balang araw,” said Duterte.

[Translation: Do not junk what Mar (Roxas) deposited. I will use that to buy a candle. If I'm not around anymore, that will be his casket in due time.]

Trillanes received money from Marcos in 2003

Hitting back at his accuser, Duterte brought retired Marine Capt. Nicanor Faeldon to discredit Trillanes.

Faeldon is one of officers who joined Trillanes in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny.


Faeldon demanded that Trillanes explain why he received money from Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos in 2004, barely a year after the Oakwood mutiny.

He said he personally saw Marcos give Trillanes money at the Intelligence Service, AFP (ISAFP) office.

"Dumating si Madam Congressman Imee Marcos kasama niya 'yung anak niya... siguro Christian ba pangalan niyan. Parang siya 'yung bago lang pumasa sa bar [exam] last year," said Faeldon.

[Translation: Madam Congressman Imee Marcos arrived with her son... I think his name is Christian. I think he was the one who passed the bar (exam) last year.]

"May dala-dalang cake, e. And then dumating si Imee, ‘Sonny,’ kasi hindi pa siya senator, e. ‘Sonny, ito na 'yung request mo.’ And then inilapag 'yung cake, Red Ribbon. I still remember dun sa harap namin. And then it was opened and may pera. So shocked ako. What is this? I thought we are against corruption and you're getting money from families of perceived corrupt?"

[Translation: They brought a cake. And then Imee arrived, ‘Sonny,’ because he was not yet a senator. ‘Sonny, here goes your request. And then they placed the cake, Red Ribbon. I still remember, it was in front of us. And then it was opened and there was money. So I was shocked. What is this? I thought we are against corruption and you're getting money from families of perceived corrupt?]

Duterte insists he has nothing to hide.

He said said the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and the Central Bank should already be looking into the allegations against him saying he may sue both agencies for "criminal negligence" if they do not act soon.

If he wins, Duterte said both agencies will be in hot water.