PDEA: Suspected drug lord Peter Lim 'surrenders' to Duterte

Davao City (CNN Philippines) — The chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is convinced that the Cebu-based businessman Peter Lim, who surrendered to President Rodrigo Duterte, is the same person authorities have been investigating for his supposed drug ties.

“He is. Yung Peter Lim na nag appear (The Peter Lim who appeared) last night is one of those [who] lead drug groups in the country,” PDEA chief Isidro Lapeña said Saturday at a press conference in Davao City.

Lim went to the PDEA regional office late Friday to clear his name before the President, PDEA Regional Director Adzhar Albani confirmed.

“Indeed we have Peter Lim (who) surrendered to the President in our presence,” Albani said.

During Friday's meeting, Lim denied he is Jaguar (“Jaguar” is supposedly the code name of the drug lord leading the illegal trade in the Visayas).

"I could clear up everything because my family is really in deep problem now in Cebu,” Lim told the President. He said he is willing to help in fighting the illegal drug trade in the country.

Albani said the President allowed Lim to go home but asked him to subject himself to an investigation—if he really wants to prove his innocence.

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Albani also said, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department and the Office of the Solicitor General will all be investigating Lim.

He added Lim is “the same Peter Lim in Cebu who was investigated by Congress in 2006.” Lim also voluntarily said he was probed by Congress before for alleged drug connections.

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As for PDEA’s Lapeña, he believes Lim's "surrender" is a very good indication of the President's campaign against drugs.

He added that members of a big drug group, called “Odicta”, based in Region Six, have also given themselves up – and even more drug suspects are coming out in the open.

“I think they saw the intensity of the campaign of the Duterte campaign against illegal drugs,” Lapeña said.

Duterte earlier named Chinese nationals Wu Tuan (also known as Peter Co) and Peter Lim (a.k.a. Jaguar) as part of the Chinese triad, with Co leading the illegal drug trade operations in Metro Manila and Luzon and Jaguar in the Visayas.

While Co is currently detained at the New Bilibid Prison on Muntinlupa City, Jaguar’s true identity remains unclear.

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