Mayor Parojinog, wife buried amid supporters' call for justice

Ozamiz City (CNN Philippines, August 16) — Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog and his family were buried on Wednesday in their family mausoleum at the Mount Malindang Memorial Park, amid renewed calls for justice from their families and supporters.

Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog, who remains detained in Camp Crame with her brother for illegal possession of firearms and illegal drugs, had her eulogy read out during the funeral mass.

"Every time I hear Espenido's allegations, I remember the politicos who were very much jealous of papa, exact and same fabricated stories," Sheilly Parojinog said while reading Nova's letter.

The Ozamiz vice mayor pinned the blame on the death of her parents, along with 14 others, on political rivals and Ozamiz Police Chief Jovie Espenido, who led the bloody raid on July 30.

Government workers and residents also joined the funeral march, as school children waved flags on the side-streets.

The family has also yet to decide whether they will be pursuing a complaint for what they say was the excessive use of force during the police raid.

Meanwhile, Nova is said to be considering quitting politics altogether to avoid the apparent cycle of violence that has plagued the family.

"Siguro sa nangyari po, parang trinaydor siya sa lahat ng natulungan," said Aido Vasquez, nephew of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog.

The deadly encounter on July 30 was not the first time the controversial family faced such situation.

Parojinog patriarch Octavio Sr. and another son, Renato, who are both linked to the Kuratong Baleleng, were both gunned down in separate incidents that are about a decade apart.

The Catholic Church has also called for sobriety, and an end to the violence in Ozamiz City.

"We need to calm our people, because we need the rule of law to prevail," Ozamiz Archbishop Martin Jumoad said.

Jumaod added that as painful as it may sound, one family's tragedy can also be seen as the city starting a new chapter in its history.