Holdup group likely linked to 14-year-old teen's killing – Metro Manila police chief

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 7) — A group involved in organized crime may have been behind the brutal killing of 14-year-old Reynaldo de Guzman, the Metro Manila police chief said on Thursday.

National Capital Region Police Office Chief Regional Director Oscar Albayalde said a parent of de Guzman said they believe their son is engaged in crimes, possibly a group involved in robbery.

"I think no less than the mother or father said he thinks this child was engaged in something -- probably hold-up. Probably they have a group. After the killing of, after the death of Carl, probably yung grupo is already holding this 14-year-old boy. After a few days, baka ito ay tinapon nila kung saan-saan nakita [Maybe they threw him]," he told CNN Philippines' The Source.

Reynaldo, also called "Kulot" by his loved ones, was found dead in a creek in Gapan, Nueva Ecija — over 100 kilometers away from when he was last seen — on September 5. Thirty-one stab wounds, some of which went through his heart and lungs, were found on the body of Reynaldo. His face was also covered with packaging tape and cloth.

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Reynaldo was last seen in Cainta, Rizal with Arnaiz on August 18, the night when the latter was killed by Caloocan police officers in an alleged shootout. Police officers from Caloocan City responded to a report of a taxi driver who was held up. The driver identified Arnaiz as the suspect.

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Albayalde said children who loiter in the streets late at night, should be a cause for alarm for their parents.

"We should all be concerned. If you see, these boys or these teenagers left their house past midnight. Doon palang, magduda na tayo as parents. Kung madalas nilang ginagawa yan, probably there's something wrong," he said.

De Guzman's father, Eduardo Gabriel, told CNN Philippines on Wednesday that his son left their home on August 17 at 9 p.m. because he had to get clothes. He said his son, who peddles fish and does manual labor to help the family, is usually home by 10 p.m.

The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service are conducting investigations on the killing of the minor, including possible involvement of Arnaiz and de Guzman in this criminal group.

Albayalde added they are conducting profiling of the suspects, including Carl Arnaiz.

"I think that's really a very brutal killing. We really have to investigate that…These suspects, including Carl, needs to be profiled... kung ano talaga ang involvement ng mga taong ito [how these people are involved]," he said.

Cabanatuan National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Agent-in-Charge Pedro Roque, Jr. said de Guzman may have been killed to stop him from testifying on Arnaiz's death.