Aklan Gov. commits to clean up Boracay drainage system by ‪May 31‬

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Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflor

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 22) — The Governor of Aklan has revealed a timelime for the rehabilitation of Boracay, saying the island’s drainage system will be cleaned up by ‪May 31.‬

Governor Florencio Miraflor told CNN Philippines Thursday said they were fast-tracking the rehabilitation, starting with the drainage and sewerage system.

"This is actually the main culprit why Boracay was called a cesspool," he acknowleged.

Apart from opening up and declogging the drainage system, they were also identifying illegal connections.

"Sadly there are illegal connections coming from business establishments that drains or discharges their wastewater to the drainage system," Miraflor said.

He mentioned they submitted a timeline to President Rodrigo Duterte to serve as a "pledge of commitment."

"We are asking for the reconsideration from the interagency group," Miraflor added.

"By ‪May 31st‬ we are able to finish this cleanup of the drainage for the whole island, because fortunately there is another offer from the private sector – the Lucio Tan group – that they will help in the rehabilitation of existing drainage,"he said.


As far the island's sewerage system, Miraflor said a sewerage system is about to be completed, and another has already been opened.

What remains is for both systems to be connected by a sewer line so the pressure on wastewater treatment can be reduced.

The Governor said this would be completed by ‪April 5.‬

A materials recovery facility was also being rehabilitated which will allow for solid waste to be processed on the island, and only residuals to be taken out.

This would "subtantially reduce waste" on Boracay said Miraflor.

All illegal structures on the island have been identified, said the Governor, and these will be demolished immediately.

Decongesting traffic in Boracay was also in the works.

But despite the plans and rehabilitation efforts already happening, Miraflor said they are still prepared for Boracay's proposed closure.

"We will continue with our rehabilitation whether it is closed or not. We're committed to rehabilitating the whole island together with the Boracay stakeholders," he said.

"This is an opportunity for us. The President gave us an opportunity that we can get all the support from national government, once and for all finish this issue of drainage, sewerage, traffic, and the like," the Governor added.