Communist group: Duterte ouster 'highly probable'

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 30) — President Rodrigo Duterte will most likely be ousted, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said Saturday, as the President marks his second year in office.

"There is high probability that Duterte will not be able to complete his six-year term of office and will be forced out of Malacañang by way of a surge in anti-fascist protest actions or some other means," the CPP said in a statement.

The CPP, which has waged a five-decade insurgency, said the clamor for Duterte's ouster is growing, as his local and international policies have "subjected the Filipino people to deepening crisis and oppression."

It mentioned the rising prices brought by the Duterte government's tax reform law, the bloody war on drugs, and counterinsurgency efforts which the CPP said is bound to fail.

It also criticized Duterte "for pulling down the country's national dignity to the lowest levels" as he pushed for friendly relations with China amid the long-standing dispute in the South China Sea.

Duterte did suffer a 12-point decline in his satisfaction rating in the latest Social Weather Stations survey released May 11.

The CPP criticized Duterte's actions on several issues affecting the people.

According to the CPP, the Duterte regime "has attacked the people in almost every level possible. He has alienated  himself from the Filipino people, not only with his killing campaign,  but also with his corruption in government contracts for infrastructure  projects; his refusal to heed the demand of workers for wage increases  and to end contractualization; his use of police force to suppress  workers strikes; his contempt for millions of homeless people and  threats of violence against them; his indifference to the plight of  hundreds of thousands of jeepney drivers; his narcissism and misogyny;  his bigotry against the religious; his war of destruction in Marawi and  the continuing military offensives against the Moro people to seize  control and establish dominance over the Bangsamoro; and so on."

The statement followed Duterte's postponement of scheduled peace talks with communist group for a three-month review.

Self-exiled CPP founding chairman Jose Maria Sison said they would rather wait for a new government and participate in Duterte's ouster than talk peace with his administration.

The military said the CPP is not capable of ousting Duterte, as it failed in previous administrations. The Duterte government is the sixth administration to talk to the communist group in a bid to end its insurgency---the longest-running in Asia.