SBP: Clarkson yet to secure NBA, Lakers clearance

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Executive Director Sonny Barrios said that apart from FIBA, they have yet to receive clearance from the Los Angeles Lakers and the National Basketball Association (NBA) for Jordan Clarkson to represent the Philippines.

In an interview on CNN Philippines’ Sports Desk on Tuesday, Barrios said the SBP has submitted Clarkson’s passport to FIBA and has received a list of other supporting documents to secure formal approval.

“Frankly, the ball is on our court,” said Barrios. “Once we complete what they require, we should expect them to reply maybe within 48 hours after they receive the documents.”

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Apart from securing the formal approval of FIBA, the SBP also said that they would also have to seek approval Clarkson’s parent team and league, the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. Approval, that the SBP does not have yet.

But Barrios added that getting approval from them is not necessarily an obstacle to Clarkson’s road to Gilas, but rather another set of processes they have to go through.

“I would term them as another process we have to go through and we have to get their approval, which we don’t have yet,” said Barrios.

The SBP executive also made a clarification regarding Clarkon's eligibility.

“Let me say first, SBP is not saying he is eligible,” said Barrios. “We are seeking formal approval of eligibility, we are going through that process.”

Barrios added that even if Clarkson has possessed a Filipino passport before the age of 16, it is only the basic requirement of FIBA. The possession of the passport is not a guarantee that the said player is eligible.

“If the question is: 'is he eligible as we speak?' the answer is no,” said Barrios.

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